March 18, 2015 Presentation: Division of Rehabilitation & The Everyone Work! Project

The evening will start at 6:30 pm

Presentation: Division of Rehabilitation And Link2 Community

DuPage Family Disability Network  (DFDN)
Wednesday, March 18, 2015    Open Meeting
Lisle  Library
Lisle, IL 60532
6:30pm to 8:45pm

DFDN is pleased to  present information ON:

IL Department of Human Services:Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS)


The Everyone Work! Project:
Customized Employment, Innovation & Collaboration

We are pleased to welcome back Mary Beth Scholten, DHS-DRS
For the first time Dr. Janice Wienstien, Total Link2 Community

What can  we expect from our DRS as we move into 2015 and beyond for Adult

The process and roles.

MaryBeth will touch briefly on the following topics and how the DHS will
move forward in addressing the needs of persons individual has a most
significant disability, a very significant disability. (Some of these
programs are pilots)

Some of the new directions/Goals:

Discuss the Illinois Employment First Blueprint
-DD/VR collaboration
-Changes in Supported employment
-The Discovery Process
-Vision Quest

-Project Search (Transition Program)

Staff Development and Training

Customized Employment: Everyone Works!

The Everyone Works! Project is funded in part by the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities as a way to bring the best practice of customized employment to the state of Illinois.  Through partnership with key stakeholders including; schools, families and community agencies, Total Link2 Community has developed competitive, inclusive employment for more than 30 individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Janice Weinstein will share stories about stakeholders working together to make employment happen for everyone.  Janice will review the process of customized employment, which encompasses 6 key steps; discovery of personal genius, capturing discovery through profiles, person centered collaboration, portfolio development and job development.  Participants will learn firsthand what this process looks like and how we can create partnerships in order to develop and sustain inclusive employment.

DuPage Family Disability Network is offering an opportunity to present these topics and have questions answered at our March 18, 2015 meeting.


Mary Beth Scholten – The Assistant Bureau  Chief (ABC) for Region 2 with the
Division of Rehabilitation Services,  which covers the DuPage area.
Previous to this position I was the  Rehabilitation Services Supervisor in
the Rockford VR office. I’ve been  with the state for over 27 years.

Janice Weinstein, Psy,D. is the executive director of  Total Link2 Community.  Janice is responsible for overseeing the Everyone Works! project, an investment of the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities (ICDD).  She also oversees a second employment project funded by and in collaboration with the Department of Rehabilitative Services – BIP.  This project is a pilot that incorporates Customized Employment and salient aspects of the IPS Model of Supported Employment for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Total Link2 Community has been instrumental in bringing Customized Employment to the state of Illinois by providing training to schools, agencies and private providers in partnership with the ICDD and the Department of Rehabilitative Services. Total Link2 Community has also worked closely with NSSED (Northern Suburban Special Education District Cooperative) to use the Discovery model with students in transition in order to create sustainable outcomes for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have more complex support needs.  Total Link2 Community has successfully used the model of customized employment to place 30 individuals with ID/DD in inclusive employment settings including micro-enterprise. Total Link2 Community also provides; monthly webinars, consultation and ongoing training for stakeholders committed to using the principles and strategies of Customized Employment.

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